Tell Me More German Version 9 Premium Edition 10 Levels

Tell Me More German Version 9 Premium Edition 10 Levels | 1.42 GB
TELL ME MORE version 9 will allow you to master a language and reach fluency providing you with the most complete and extensive content to learn a language. This new version is available to learn Spanish French German Italian English and Dutch.The new TELL ME MORE version 9 is a true milestone in language learning. Developed by a team of language experts TELL ME MORE leverages the renowned Communicative Approach a methodology used in schools and universities around the world. Learn a language with TELL ME MORE and join more than 7 million users worldwide including Fortune 500 companies Global 1000 companies and more than 10000 academic institutions and countless government agencies.

The Method
Engaging videos will immerse you in everyday situations and real life scenarios.
Practice vocabulary with interactive dialogues and film dubbing activities.
More than 40 different activities will enable you to speak in minutes.
All the skills involved in learning a language are covered: reading writing listening speaking grammar vocabulary and culture.
Cultural content allows you to immerse yourself in unique aspects of language and people.