Direct Download OS Geo - Live 4.5 (Base on Xubuntu for I386) [Update]

OS Geo - Live 4.5 (Base on Xubuntu for I386)
English | Pc | Mac OSX | Size: 4.27 Gb
Genre: Operating systems

OSGeo-Live 4.5 - a bootable DVD on Xubuntu, which allows you to use a variety of geographic software without installing. The disc is composed entirely of free software that allows it to be freely distributed. OSGeo-Live 4.5 includes applications pre-configured for different use cases, including storage, printing, viewing, analysis and data management. The disc also contains examples of data and documentation.

To test the application is very simple:
Insert the DVD into the drive
Restart the computer. (Check the boot device, if necessary)
Press ''Enter'' to start and select boot LiveCD, wait until the system is started.
Use the menu to select programs.

Select ''Install PRESS''
and enter the password ''user''.
Then use Windows Setup Wizard

Change the language of the OS:
We have installed many common languages. To change the system, you will need:
On the screen for selecting users to select a user.
In the bottom pane, you will see a menu to select a different language.
Select another language, and enter the password, and login to continue as usual.
Repeat the process if wish to change the language again.

The menu system and most applications will now appear in the chosen language. If a specific program continues to show there is no English translation available today, please consider volunteering to write a translation. Contact the program of interest directly for more information.

For other languages see Application> Support System> Language (Requires an Internet connection).

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