Sherlock Holmes The Awakened (PC) | 1.71GB

Here’s another new adventure based on popular Sherlock Holmes serie. The Awakened follows previous Holmes’ adventure The Silver Earring, and doesn’t bring anything new in this genre except of nice 3D graphics supporting “black” atmosphere of crime investigation. It’s also title of the new movie, which should be released in 2007. No surprises in this package, you know what are you going into…

The game has traditional Point & Click game play, in a real time 3D environment, while offering numerous enigmas and varied puzzles including some that use physics and light for the first time.

The game, based on an excellent scenario, plunges the player into the heart of a terrifying investigation. Sherlock Holmes, assisted by the loyal Doctor Watson, investigates strange disappearances which seem related to the activity of a secret sect. The adventure begins in London, in the renowned Baker Street, taking us then to investigate a disturbing psychiatric hospital near Bale, Switzerland, then on to Louisiana and finally to Scotland.

Sherlock Holmes – The Awakened offers rewarding gameplay, a true symbiosis of two technologies specific to adventure games: WARP (used in the first Myst or Amerzone) which allows first-person movement in pre-calculated decors; and 3D surroundings, which allows the character to be controlled and to become a spectator of the adventure, thus offering a large freedom of movement. The advantage of mixing these two game modes provides a greater diversity of scenario, interaction with more people and a high factor of realism. You will also be challenged by puzzles in 3D, linked to physics for example, in which the weight of objects can be used to trigger mechanisms, and others using dynamic light, where a torch might be used to light, in real time, certain places in order to reveal clues or other secrets and passageways.

Game features:

Join Sherlock Holmes in the most terrifying adventure of his career.
An original confrontation between the universe of Sherlock Holmes and the myth of Cthulhu, for a battle between the rational and the supernatural.
Sumptuous graphics, biting dialogues, disturbing characters and an excellent soundtrack make for a startling adventure at the edge of reality.
Use of the latest real-time 3D technologies for total immersion in a gripping ambience.
Become, in turn, the famous detective Sherlock Holmes and his loyal friend Doctor Watson.
Interact with more than 60 characters in 5 disconcerting universes.
Use and combine more than 50 objects, uncover hundreds of clues and documents to carry the investigation to its ultimate end.

System requirements:

Windows 2000 / XP
Pentium III 1.3 GHz or higher
DirectX 9 compatible 64MB Video Card
3GB free hard disk space
4x speed DVD ROM drive
DirectX 9 compatible Sound Card