Empire Earth 2 Gold Edition (PC) | 1.42GB
Genre: RTS / historical / isometric
Released: 26th April 2005
Developer: Mad Doc Software
Publisher: Rebellion

Relive the complete span of human history! Lead the great nations of Korea, Germany and America in the base game and Egypt, Russia and the Masai in the add-on. Take part in the greatest battles in the history of mankind. From quests for independence or rises to power, to the Civil and Wold War, Empire Earth 2 will show you all the faces of ancient and modern warfare. Choose your path from clear military dominance to a complicated diplomatic approach and look at the world from the perspective of famous leaders.

Bonus content: artworks, avatars, manuals, wallpapers.

1) Download the game;
2) Run setup_empire_earth_2_gold.exe to install;
3) Launch the game using main executable or shortcuts.

! Notice
For multiplayer you will need a unique CD key, which you can obtain from GOG once you purchase the game.


http://turbobit.net/0kf95gd9rkqi/Empire Earth 2 Gold Edition [GOG].part1.rar.html
http://turbobit.net/fpdrjhca794f/Empire Earth 2 Gold Edition [GOG].part2.rar.html