Scarface the World is Yours (NTSC) WBFS | 3.88 GB
Region : NTSC
Format : WBFS
Languages: (En)
Genre: Third Person Action

Game Description:
The Scarface video game creates a gameplay environment that authentically recreates the historical time period of the film, touching on politics, news items and events of the day. As Tony Montana (in an alternate-ending story concept that follows the events of the original movie classic), players will travel through the steamy, often violent streets of Miami, the irie islands of the Florida Keys, the Bahamas and various other locales and will interact with a world full of seedy and dangerous characters to procure information, negotiate business deals, smuggle contraband and avoid rivals and DEA on a mission to rebuild their fallen empire.

Game Features:
* Features Al Pacino's likeness as Tony Montana
* Voice talent includes Steven Bauer and Robert Loggia from the original Scarface, Jay Mohr, Cheech Marin, and Michael York
* Story by American History X and Blow writer David McKenna
* Players can choose between two different soundtracks, either music from the movie's era or modern day hits
* Enhanced for Wii -- Scarface features the same storyline and play mechanics of the original versions, but include new Wii-specific controls and improved graphics.

(The Update partition has been removed)
This game file is in WBFS format so it can be easily added directly to a HDD or USB memory stick.
Install to HDD with "WiiBackupManager", or convert to full ISO for disk burning using the same program. The World Is Yours [RSCE7D].part1.rar.html The World Is Yours [RSCE7D].part2.rar.html The World Is Yours [RSCE7D].part3.rar.html The World Is Yours [RSCE7D].part4.rar.html The World Is Yours [RSCE7D].part5.rar.html