Freespire Linux ver. 2.0.8 i386 (1xCD)

Freespire Linux ver. 2.0.8 i386 (1xCD) | 683 MB

Freespire 2.0 second version of the noncommercial distribution, created by enthusiasts on the basis of Ubuntu (version 7.04). Freespire is aimed at novice users, and its obvious: for downloads and settings you do not throw in your command line to provide all graphic configurators.
Freespire CNR handy tool to install software that allows you to quickly and easily find and install the required packages without worrying about dependencies. The distribution is included Java, Flash, Adobe Acrobat, commercial drivers and codecs. Since Freespire is based on Ubuntu, and other available way to install software through the usual aptget.

Among other things, Freespire includes drivers for NVIDIA and ATi with hardwareaccelerated, Real Player, Macromedia Flash Player, video codecs, as well as programs and LPhoto LSongs of Linspire. Freespire is a LiveCD with the possibility of installing a hard drive. This version also contains tools for software development. This version is 2.0.8, dated 30 November 2007, does not provide free support from Linspire.


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