Ubuntu MCS Final inc XBMC Sopcast VMWare Plyr Tor IP Block Dropbox

Ubuntu MCS Final inc XBMC, Sopcast, VMWare Plyr, Tor, IP Block, Dropbox | 1.08 GB

Ubuntu_MCS 10.10 Is completely portable in live mode via USB/DVD or it can be fully installed like any other OS.
This is a customized version of Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat. It contains all of the necessary software and tools required for running a media center, media server, mobile anonymous browser and running/creating virtual machines + much much more.

Ubuntu_MCS 10.10 Is completely portable in live mode via USB/DVD or it can be fully installed like any other OS.

The iso is just 1.1GB so even with a 2GB USB stick you can have a fully fledged portable OS and still have room to install additional drivers, store media files & edit/save documents. Just be sure to make the largest persistence file you can when creating the bootable USB or DVD.

Apps added:

Cairo-Dock (Main Desktop Interface)
Chromium Browser (Themed)
VMWare Player - Create and run Virtual Machines (Tested with Windows XP/7/8 Developer Release) NEW
Sopcast - Watch HD Streams - NEW
XBMC Media Center
Dropbox - Simply add your account or create a free account - NEW
Vidalia/Tor - Proxy your connection or just use with Chrome/Firefox for anonymous web browsing. - NEW
IP Block - with P2P list already configured, just update and go - NEW
Ubuntu Tweak (Configuration tool)
Gimp (Image editor - more than adequate substitute for Photoshop)
MediaTomb (Media Server)
Bleachbit (System Cleaner)
Gparted (Partition Editor)
Open JDK Java Runtime
Windows Wireless Drivers - required to install Windows drivers

NEW Added a few fixes including:

- Removed the proxy settings from Transmission which stopped it from working out of the box

- Added Samba to allow sharing out of the box

- Added Storage Device Manager for easier configuration of drives for mounting at boot and sharing across a network

Apps subtracted:

All stock games
Open Office Suite
Firefox Browser

If you would like to re-install these or any other applications just visit Ubuntu Software Center in the applications menu.

To make a live DVD just burn with your favorite software making sure that it can create a bootable disk.

To make a bootable USB drive download unetbootin/li li for windows or choose "create a startup disk" from the app menu in any ubuntu based linux live cd or installation. For full instructions on creating a bootable USB device visit www.pendrivelinum. However, Your hardware must support booting from USB.

To boot from USB: Enter BIOS configuration at Post screen (usually ESC or a function key such as F2, F10 or F12) & select the connected USB device as the primary boot device.

Important Notices

1) *Slow interface: Certain graphics drivers (nVidia, ATI/AMD) cannot be included in the distribution. This results in slow animation of the dock/video playback as only basic drivers are being utilised. To remedy this please install the latest drivers for your hardware. You can also increase performance by closing the dock (right click dock, click cairo and quit) then restarting it by clicking Application Menu > Accessories > Cairo-Dock (no openGL).

Intel based graphics should allow desktop effects without additional drivers.

2) To make sure you have the latest drivers please navigate to "Applications menu > Administration > Additional Drivers". Then activate the appropriate driver. A working internet connection is required to download the drivers.

3) Tested and works on:

Netbooks: ASUS eeePC 701/4G Surf Intel� Celeron M @ 600MHz & 900MHz(OC) - 512MB RAM
Live Mode via USB - Installed to internal SSD & SDHC
Card via built in card slot

HP/Compaq Mini 10 Intel� Atom @ 1.6GHz - 1GB RAM
Live Mode via USB - Installed to HDD

Notebooks: Compaq cQ60-305sa AMD� Sempron @ 2.1GHz - 1GB RAM
Live Mode via USB - Installed to HDD*

Desktops: Custom Build AMD� X2 4000+ @ 2.1GHz - 3GB RAM - nVidia 8400GS
Live Mode via USB - Installed to HDD*

NEW - Now tested on 35+ systems and downloaded over 600 times without any complaints.


Base Icons Clarity (Viridis) by jcubic (gnome-look.org)
(XBMC, Chrome, WiFi Fix, MediaTomb & Volume Control icons on Cairo Dock

GTK Theme Slickness-Black 0.9 by TheRob (gnome-look.org)

Cursor Protozoa originally by Chuckeye http://users.wincustomize.com/2811415/ Converted by KuduK (gnome-look.org)

Login Sound Omen (noisia Remix) by The Prodigy



Thanks to all who downloaded and tried the beta. Sorry this has taken so long but you wont be disappointed ;)

http://ul.to/dhz8s7p2/Ubuntu_mcs Final.part1.rar
http://ul.to/3y0oxt87/Ubuntu_mcs Final.part2.rar
http://ul.to/smmf9j30/Ubuntu_mcs Final.part3.rar
http://ul.to/4ilv33bn/Ubuntu_mcs Final.part4.rar
http://ul.to/0850ax5q/Ubuntu_mcs Final.part5.rar



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