Apple Lion 10 7 OSX Gold Master [Update]

Apple Lion 10 7 OSX Gold Master-***HOTiSO
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Osx lion gold master 10.7.0
burn to disk using disk utility then boot to install.

Pro Tip
Note this is the standard GM Lion and as such this version and all subsequent iterations need an install of snowleopard existing to allow upgrading
to install a fresh simply split ur partition using disk utility select this to install to and then use the migration assistant after install to migrate your old files accross if you like to.
Other Pro Tip
Releasing locked down osx install disks supplied with the latest apple hardware is as lame as they come , firstly they dont work on models of mac below the one bought nor on any other hardware.
Pros never download hotiso releases.

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Apple Lion 10 7 OSX Gold Master


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