Windows Shine Edition V2 - Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 x64

Windows Shine Edition - Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 x64 Prince NRVL | 4.22 GB

Windows Shine Edition - Windows 7 Ultimate - x64 - Prince NRVL
Hello mates, long time it had been with the new OS around at neo shrine.
So here is the glamorous, new and eye catching new modded windows.
This time i made a bit best tweaking around and have managed to fulfill the requests by our dearest down-loaders/members.

Windows Shine Edition A.K.A Windows ART Edition II - 64 BIT Architecture!
Author : Prince NRVL
Code name : Windows Shine Edition [ Windows ART Edition II ]
Platform : Windows 7 ULTIMATE
Architecture : x64 [ 64 BIT ] only!
Installation : Both Upgrade/fresh installation available!
Duration : 10 Mins to User creation [ VIA UFD ]
Themes : Multiple themes added [ Hefty Collection @ VC ]
Dedicated to : SHINES
Thanks : Darknez 4 servers and also to sharpsuter
Razoredge, other @ VC
Pentium 4 Processor, 2 gb ram, 128 mb onboard graphics, DVD rom/USB port
Best performance:
iNtel i7 and i5 with high end graphics. Works just charm
I personally have tested the OS on many systems including i3, i5, i7 and quadcore PCs. I havent tested this on apple though!


1) Can I install the OS over VISTA/XP

Yes. You can install this OS over vista/xp. Just make a HDD space for this other than the vista/xp drive. Install this OS and u could see vista/xp while booting up in the Other windows section!

2) Does aero effects work ?

Yes. This is a high end OS. All features like avalon effects etc are enabled for the quality in appearence.

3) Can I install this OS via USB device ?

Yes U can install this OS via USB thumb drive with minimum capacity of 8 GB. Open the image with ultra ISO and go to bootable menu and select the Write Disk Image, select u r thumb drive and start writing. thats it. it ll boot up. However u mother board should allow the USB device booting. For more info see u r mother board carton.

4) Booting takes more time, what shall i do ?

Well the booting usually take 25,000 ms. if it takes more than it is, then Go to run > type msconfig > go to boot tab > select the NoGUI boot and apply > exit

Further more try to clean the OS with registry cleaner or ccleaner which i have provided.

5) Can i change the Boot screen as u did ?

Yes Ofcourse u can. The boot load updater [ by codeforlife, thank u mate ] is been added to u r documents folder. Open it and select the animation u have. U can download various others throu google. I have provided 3 animations.

6) Can I change the logon screen snap/pic ?

Yes ofcourse. I have provided a small application in documents folder. Select that and start changing u r screen! To check the pic enabled or not just press windows key plus L [ W L ] it locks the computer at log in screen.

7) Can i use more registry tweaks ?

It is advisable not to add more registry tweaks that would cause additional issues to u r pc.

8) Can I add more themes ?

Of course u can add millions of themes.

9) I get the freezy look after i install the antivirus !!

This issue is due to uxstyle theme service not working. If u come across this issue please install the UXCorestyle file [ in documents folder i have provided ] it ll work. this service takes not more than 420 KB of mem!!

10) Can I distribute this OS to my pals ?

Ofcourse u can distribute this OS to any one u want but with 2 things as contraints. U have to distribute it as FREE and with credits to ME [ Prince NRVL @ Neo Reconia Sys - 2011 ]
I have seen many of my OSs been sold, or redistributed or extra modded and is uploaded. This is really the hideous thing i wouldn't like to see.

Every modder of the OS has dream to help the USERS and also to build the good OS other than his shitty highness BILL GATES provide.. lolxx.

I have dedicated my real time and other stuffs to make this OS. I ask u to provide nothing but sheer respect for this OS!

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