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Chủ đề: Under Covers (1996)

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    Mặc định Under Covers (1996)

    Under Covers (1996)

    Joshua Sterling, Ace Harden, Bryan Kidd, Dino DiMarco, Drew Andrews, Karl Bruno, Nick Roberts, Tony Piagi

    Big sexy Karl Bruno stars as an undercover cop infiltrating Ace Harden's all-male stable, only to get his ass "busted"!

    1. Hot young businessman Nick Roberts pays Drew Andrews a little extra up front and gets more than a little back...except Nick gets it from behind! After rimming and fingering Nick's tight hole, Drew plows him until he cums jets of white-hot cum.
    2. Cute redhead Bryan Kidd gets it on with dark-eyed Joshua Sterling. The two take turns with each other's bodies, sucking and rimming each other back and forth. Both young studs want to fuck each other, but Bryan gives it up first, letting Joshua plow his hungry ass for a while. Then, it's Joshua's turn and he rides Bryan's rigid prong, bouncing up and down on it. Bryan grabs Joshua's hips, watching his slick cockmeat slide in and out of Joshua's tight velvety hole until they both shoot big wet loads of cum.
    3. Dino DiMarco finds comfort in the arms of fellow hustler Tony Piagi. The two young friends kiss and make out in the jacuzzi befor Tony rims Dino forcefully. Later, Dino slides his fingers in and out of Tony before fucking hi with long hard strokes against the side of the pool. They cum together, their arms around each other as they jerk themselves off.
    4. Drew Andrews recognizes Karl Bruno as a cop and Ace Harden helps him get revenge on Bruno. Drew and Aced decide to see how far they can take the hunky young policeman and the threway fuck-and-suck that follows takes Bruno very far indeed! Ace and Drew take turns feeding the captive cop their big dicks at both ends, stuffing his ass full of cock while ramming his throat at the same time. After Ace and Drew shoot their loads onto his face, Karl Bruno knows he'll be coming back to go "under covers" but this time, he'll have an appointment!

    Size: 650,37 MiB
    Duration: 01:12:53, avg.bitrate: 1248 kb/s
    Video: mpeg4, yuv420p, 640x480, 25,00 fps(r)


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    Mặc định Re: Under Covers (1996)

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