Synth Magic PolyChrome KONTAKT-AudioP2P

Synth Magic PolyChrome KONTAKT-AudioP2P | 489 MB
Farfisa Polychrome for Kontakt 4.2.4 and above including Kontakt 5(Mac and PC)
This Kontakt instrument based on this very rare 1970's Synthesiser is fully programmable from the front panel just like a real Polychrome and is really simple to use.

The Polychrome is a synthesiser composed of various sections such as PercussionStringsEnsemble and Vocal synth.We sampled every section and added lots of new twists along the way.
The original machine has 3 vocal synth sections but you can only select one at a time to be played.
Not so with our version all 3 vocal sections can play at the same time-It is a very beautiful sounding instrument.
We have added lots of extra features such as extra filterslfo'sfilter envelopes and a full effects section which includes auto pans for each synth section which creates great stereo sweep effects.
Each section of the Polychrome has been sampled using high quality converters for a true authentic sound.