Earth Moments - Laya Project (WAV)

Earth Moments - Laya Project (WAV) | 1.79 GB

'Laya Project' is an exceptionally high quality bundle of rare recordings which provide a journey of music and visual discovery through six countries affected by the 2004 tsunami. 'Laya Project' contains authentic and organic folk instruments and vocals, recorded in the remote villages of Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, India, Sri Lanka and Maldives using warm Neve and SSL preamps and Neumann vintage tube mics.

Without any digital inputs, the 'Laya Project' is a boutique collection of acoustic Ethnic samples and loops, and astonishing vocals in different languages.

The Royalty-Free collection of samples is categorised under the six countries of the project, and includes visual clips from this award-winning film that continues to tour festivals and screening houses to this today.

EarthMoments was created to offer music producers unique collections of high quality samples and a space to explore unique sounds and signatures that set the creative spirit free to cross borders, explore, and discover unique instruments and sounds of the world.

EarthMoments' team of producers and engineers have over twenty years of industry experience, and their musicians are internationally acclaimed and top industry professionals.

Their in-house studios carrying state-of-the-art analog and digital equipment combined with a passion for quality brings EarthMoments to produce the best quality samples.

EarthMoments is a division of EarthSync, a World Music record label, and producer of award-winning audio and visual productions that bring together traditional and contemporary music in unique, high quality productions.

Technical Specifications:
� 24-Bit Quality
� 1.79 GB

Product Contains:
� 288 Loops from India: Instruments include Dholak, Dilruba, Dukithir Frame Drum, Khanjira, Morsing, Shaker, Strings, Tabla, Tavil Veena, Violin, Vocals, and more
� 95 Loops from Indonesia: Instruments include Didong, Flutes, Geundrang, Rapai Vocals, and more
� 34 Loops from Maldives: Instruments include Chellangai, Dholak, Djembe, Shaker, Thalam, Vocals, and more
� 148 Loops from Myanmar: Instruments include Gong, Harps, Monks, Vocals, and more
� 87 Loops from Srilanka: Instruments include Bells, Chants, Children Singing, Dholki, Flute, Tabla, Veena, Violin, Vocals, and more
� 72 Loops from Thailand: Instruments include Bells, Cluican, Gong, Khong Wong Yaipat, Kihim, Ping Mandolin, Vocals, and more
� 24 Raw FX and Ambiences

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