Roommates (1980)

Kip Noll, Kourey Mitchell, Lee Marlin

College roommates "Huge" Kip Noll and Lee Marlin have a sexathon of sucking, rimming, and working on Kip's 9" monster cock.

1. Kip Noll, Solo Man - 1976
Kip Noll solo
Kip Noll is getting ready for the evening as [email protected] knows that a lot more than music will be played tonight!
Kip's first film although not the first one released.
Market Reports Newsletter:
Setting: youth's bedroom, gold stripe wallpaper with a red bedspread on a single bed - pennants and model planes, trophies in view.
Performer: age about 17, Caucasian, hair brown wavy, styled, ear-tip length, body medium frame, very good build clean, cut
Special Interest Classification: solo masturbation, youth
Action Sequence: opens on a scene of Kips dog pulling him along a sidewalk on a skateboard - cuts to Kip's room, still with his dog (German Shorthair?), who is in a wiggling, tail wagging frenzy as it jumps up on Kip's bed beside him, then exits. Kip is wearing cut-offs and a jock jacket, Waipahu High. He starts to look at a turn on magazine, and gets turned on, takes his cock out of his cut-offs and jacks, then takes the cut-offs off. He spits on his hand and rubs it on his glans using a circular motion with his palm, then uses his finger tips around the corona. Holding his cock in one hand rubs with a flat palm, then several variations of finger strokes. Standing up, he walks around the room as if looking for something (his stash?), still keeping his problem in hand. Standing on the bed he plays with his butt, does a little fingerbanging, jacking himself as he does. Standing, jacket off now, he continues to beat it. He sits in a white plastic chair and strokes it for awhile, then back on the bed again, stan
ding, he goes over the top and shoots onto the bedspread in front of him.
2. Roomates (TrM)
Kip Noll OgrAtRr, Lee Marlin OgrAbRg
While Kip is trying on his old high school jacket, Kip and Lee start admiring each other's bodies and grope each other's crotch. Kip pulls out Lee's dick and sucks on it. Lee fishes Kips dick out of the bottom of his shorts and helps himself to it. Kip sucks Lee some more until Lee comes on his face. Lee rims Kips tight little ass and then Kip feeds him dick, coming on his face. Then Kip is lubing Lee's hole with hand cream and fucks him bent over a low table pulling out and dumping another load on Lee's back. Lee starts to get dressed but Kip hasn't had enough and starts fucking Lee a 2nd time missionary style. Kip leans back and Lee starts riding his still rock hard dick for all he's worth. Still not enough! Lee is on his back getting fucked some more and comes shortly after Kip provides some saliva to help Lee as he j/o's. That's 5 load of man seed in one loop. Probably sold as two loops, oral & anal?
Kip and Lee already knew each other before filming but "wanted to get it on anyway."
3. Kourney Mitchell
Kourey Mitchell solo
Kourey jerks off to a photo magazine of Kip Noll wearing the yellow Waipaku High jacket and black pants in a dining room.
T!M promo:
Kip's classmate is turned on when he discovers that his best friend is shown in a leading male mag. Watch as he gets more and more excited at the thought of seeing Kip's hunky body and his huge 'monster size cock'.
Soon he's shooting a heavy load of his own.

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