Studio Wormbone - Algo-Rhythms Mutated Drum Loops (WAV/REX/AIFF)

Studio Wormbone - Algo-Rhythms Mutated Drum Loops (WAV/REX/AIFF) | 410MB

Welcome to 'Algo-Rhythms: Mutated Drum Loops� from Studio Wormbone. This assortment of sounds will soon add a whole new depth of style to the flow of your music � a style both uncommon and courageous.
Re-align your mindset to a new rhythmic paradigm. Music�s foundation has now been reshaped, redeveloped, reborn. It�s a wild and vivid emergence, and it�s all yours with Studio Wormbone�s Mutated Drum Loops...

Mutated Drum Loops is an anomaly. This group of 100 samples takes the idea of your standard loop and transmogrifies it into a form factor like no other. What would a backward disco beat sound like if it were dipped in nuclear liquid?

How about some analog modulated four-on-the-floor segments genetically modified beyond recognition? Or perhaps a few measures of a sedate downtempo groove hammered with a glitch machine?

The bad news is, when you use this sound pack there�s no going back to making predictable tracks. The good news is, the fallout from this accumulation of loops ensures that your music will never be �normal� again.

Sound Categories:
The included folders are categorized into clean, dirty, downtempo, uptempo, and technological drum loops, in a variety of tempos and mostly in 4/4 meter. This sound pack is ideal for any genre of techno/electro or film/TV/game soundtracks in need of unbelievably fresh layers of musicality.

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