QD Professional 12.01 (x86/x64)

QD Professional 12.01 (x86/x64) | 472 MB

Full regulatory framework, filling the cargo customs declaration (CCD), duties and regimes, nomenclature of foreign economic activity, alpha-index products, a preliminary calculation of transactions - this is an incomplete list of subsystems QD Professional.
QD Professional - is:
- A convenient, fast and competent completion of cargo customs declaration;
- A powerful information system for customs legislation;
- Unmatched performance and quality of work.

Key features of QD Professional:
Receive full information on products, depending on the purpose of their movement across the border (betting duties and excise taxes, permits, warnings and disclaimers preliminary calculation of payments on the set parameters, etc.);
High speed, convenience and ease in completing customs declarations;
Automatic calculation of fees and full control when completing customs declarations;
Efficient delivery of background and analysis in order to minimize risks in export-import operations;
Automatic generation of reports and supporting documents for customs clearance (reference-calculation of customs value, the sheet of packing, the act of carrying out customs inspections, register of documents, etc.);
Getting a visual and complete information about the checkpoints at the border (location on the map of Ukraine, the checkpoint category, mode of transport, restriction of passage of goods, staffing and control services, etc.);
Constantly updated database of legislative and regulatory acts, conventions and international agreements and recommendations on the implementation of foreign trade.

If you carry out export-import operations, a customs broker or the owner of the customs bonded warehouse, international transportation of cargo or do other activities one way or another related to foreign trade, the program QD Professional - for you. The program QD Professional (Windows - version) performed by a highly professional level and not by chance that enjoys well-deserved reputation among our customers. With it you can quickly and professionally complete any type of cargo customs declaration and automatically generate an electronic copy of it, as well as supporting documents for customs clearance: reference-calculation of customs value, the sheet of packing, the act of carrying out customs inspections, register of documents, etc. Flexible construction of algorithms can be used in completing the declaration of reference and information databases to monitor the correctness of the information, to produce automatic calculation of customs payments, the withdrawal of the required documents for customs clearance and the use of format and logic control - to eliminate possible errors in its coverage. The information block QD Professional program contains about 10 000 legislative and regulatory acts, conventions and international agreements on the implementation of foreign trade. Integrated customs tariff, which was built on the principle links the product code on the TPC of FEA administrative and economic methods of regulation of foreign economic activity, allows to obtain detailed information for customs clearance of any goods, with the goal of his movement across the customs border of Ukraine. It is virtually ready-made solution containing a data rate of customs duty, excise duty, statutory privileges in customs clearance, required licensing documents, as well as a variety of output warnings to minimize risks in the various transactions in goods. Operational update of databases, the ability to quickly locate the desired information and the reliability of our product as a whole led to a program that QD Professional has become a major information-reference system for our users. Widespread use of the program QD Professional in Ukraine and abroad also contributed to the possibility of obtaining the required data on the Ukrainian and Russian languages ??and the availability of the training catalog, with information about the basic rules of customs regulation of foreign economic activity in Ukraine. Efficiency and high professional level of QD Professional program in December 2001 were awarded the Diploma of the winner of the All-Ukrainian contest for software developers Softregatta'2001 in the category "Software for Foreign Economic Activity."




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