Midnight Run (1994)

Matthew Brannon, Hunter Scott, Doug Perry, Mark West, Justin Bailey, Anthony Moore, Tyler Cray, Paul Bain, Dallas Taylor, Jackson Phillips, Max Grand, Johnny Rey, Matt Masters, Joshua Scott, Devon Rexman

Superhung Matthew Brannan stars with Hunter Scott, Doug Perry, and Mark West in a sexual adventure with slings, dildos, and hard-driving actions.

1. Justin Bailey looks on as Johnny Rey sucks a load out of an uncredited cock at a glory hole and then soaks the stall in his own.
2. Jackson Phillips and Mark West slip into the theatre for a hot and dark session of making out, frottage, sucking, rimming, and fucking.
3. Justin Bailey wanders through a maze of sexual activity...finally settling down to watch Matt Masters give Devon Rexman a hard ass-fucking.
4. In a dungeon-like room bathed in red light, Justin Bailey (non-sexual role) watches Joshua Scott deepthroat two faceless studs standing on a platform. He takes one cock, then another, then both as he does his best to swallow these hard tools. When Joshua's sucked them both well, they blast their loads over his chest as he shoots his own.
5. Hunter Scott and Tyler Gray work a pair of cocks poking through glory holes. They suck and work the cocks tenderly, switching positions and trading tools as Justin Bailey (non-sexual role) watches from another room. Soon Max Grand and Doug Perry step onto the other side of the wall and begin sucking Hunter and Tyler. Sucking becomes rimming and finally Max and Doug have their cocks buried deep in Hunter and Tyler's asses. The intensity increases until one by one each of these lusty men has shot his load...soaking each other in thick cum.
6. Jock trapped Dallas Taylor greases up a double-ended dildo and works it into sling-bound Anthony Moore's ass. When Anthony's good and opened up, Dallas tries a variety of toys...seeing how full he can fill Anthony with his barrage of toys. Paul Bain joins the scene...inserting an inflatable dildo in Anthony's ass and making him beg for every thrust. Justin Bailey steps in and observes from the sidelines...stroking his cock...as Paul works Anthony's ass. Paul removes the dildo and slides his own cock in while Anthony sucks Dallas. The two studs pack Anthony full...switching places and feeling both his mouth and his ass on their cocks. The three studs heat up and spill over...soaking Anthony in their cum just as Justin peaks himself and pours out his own load in the shadows.
7. Justin Bailey catches up with sex club attendant Matthew Brannon. He pulls Matthew's cock from his jock trap and lovingly sucks it deep. Then Justin rims Matthew's ass...warming and softening his hole and Matthew returns the favor...rimming fingering and rubbing Justin's ass...prepping it for the fucking to follow. Musclestud Matthew slams his cock deep in Justin's hole again and again...working into a frenzy which leads both men to explode in hot streams of cum.

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