A Wanted Man - Marco Rossi (1994)

Marco Rossi, Hunter Scott, Marc LeBlanc, Randy White, Ricardo Silva, Terry Powers

"There's a new dude in town and everybody wants him. The question is what they'll do to get him. And the answer is: anything!"
Who can blame them with super-beautiful, thickly bodied superstud Rossi as the object of their affection. Rossi took the industry by storm a few years back, and has all but disappeared. Pity.
Here Rossi plays a sleazy strip-show gogo boy, gyrating wildly from inside a glass booth, while the faceless "patrons" watch, stroke and gag. There's a nice, cum-drizzling scene between Rossi and Scott, and some wicked solos too. Unfortunately, some names on the box don't match the film, and a few of the "shooters" go unnamed.
Still, Rossi commands attention anytime he's onscreen, and you'd be hard pressed to find a more chiseled piece of perfection in the bod department. Then of course there's the drool-inducing box art. While having nothing to do with the flick, it's totally breathtaking.

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