Finale 2012 Retail

Finale 2012 Retail | 681 MB

This is the full installation of Finale 2012, minus the Garritan Instruments that come with it (not sure if there are even instruments for 2012, or if they just carry over). It's already been pre-cracked by TEAM DYNAMiCS (thanks guys!) and this is NOT my own work, I am not the one who cracked this.


The installation file is super self-explanatory, you just run the .dmg and it will install the entire program for you like normal, cracked and everything. You don't need to do anything else. Make sure you have a program like Little Snitch or it's equivalent to make sure Finale can't phone home, and make sure you don't do any updates via the internet, or it will probably remove the crack! 2012.part1.rar 2012.part2.rar 2012.part3.rar 2012.part4.rar 2012.part5.rar 2012.part6.rar 2012.part7.rar