Wave Alchemy Pro II Synthesizer KONTAKT SCD DVDR

Wave Alchemy Pro II Synthesizer KONTAKT SCD DVDR | 2.51GB

'Pro II' is an analogue hybrid synthesizer for Kontakt 4. A limitless source of screaming basslines, lush synth tones and powerful analogue sequences, 'Pro II' by Wave Alchemy is powered by over 6500 carefully recorded multi-sampled sounds, driven by a custom scripted Kontakt 4 engine and intuitive graphical interface.
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Inspired by one of the most popular synths of its time, this pack combines classic sounds with modern sound shaping tools to achieve a versatile and fully programmable analogue hybrid synthesizer!

'Pro II' for Kontakt 4 ships with a 3.9 GB core sound library and includes 195 expertly programmed presets, all of which are editable via the extensively scripted instrument panel and stunning GUI controls.

A full version of Native Instruments Kontakt 4 or 5 is required to use the 'Pro II' instrument. A slimmed down version including 3.2 GB of multi-sampled presets is available and optimized for users of Ableton Live, Reason and various other software.

The Pro II instrument features five main editing pages.

Preset Page:
The Preset Page is able to load 138 extensively multi-sampled patches designed and recorded from a vintage Sequential Circuits Pro I synthesizer. Sounds from this page can be further edited and mixed with the Pro II's 'raw oscillators' to create interesting 'hybrid' patches.

Raw Oscillator (Synthesizer) Page:
Synthesize your own sounds using the Pro II's oscillators. Raw Mode boasts 2 analogue oscillators, 2 sub oscillators and 2 noise sources, all of which are individually powered by an extensive set of carefully looped waveforms recorded from a Pro I analogue synthesizer.

Sequencer Page:
A comprehensive, tempo sync-able analogue style step sequencer. Each step boasts independent settings for both filter cut-off and resonance which, when combined with the instruments "shuffle" (randomize) function can produce everything from subtle S+H type effects to completely insane sequences.

Effects Page:
The Effects Page boasts a number of fully editable effects, as well as specially created reverb IRs (Impulse Responses) recorded from the Eventide DSP-7000 Harmonizer.

Controls Page:
The Controls Page gives you full control over mono/polyphonic modes, portamento, pitch bend range, 8 voice unison and keyboard velocity/curve response.

Instrument Includes:
? 3.9 GB core sound library including 6587 multi-sampled 24-Bit WAV samples
? Heavily scripted Kontakt 4+ instrument and intuitive graphical interface
? 138 Pro I multi patches including a wide range of huge analogue basses, lush synth leads, quirky tones and twisted SFX
? 38 Carefully programmed Pro II presets and starting points
? 19 Multi-rack patches featuring analogue hybrid synth sounds, creatively layered pad arrays and enormous bass tones

Important Download Information:
This sample pack is over 3 GB in size, so please ensure you have a stable connection to download. It is not advisable to download large files on wireless connections, even if they cut for a brief second that will terminate the connection with the site and the download will be affected. So where possible use a fixed line connection.

Technical Specifications:
? Kontakt 4+ Instrument
? 24-Bit Quality
? 3.9 GB

Product Contains:
? Kontakt 4+ Instrument
? 6587 Multi-Samples
? 138 Pro I Multi Patches
? 38 Programmed Pro II Presets
? 19 Multi-Rack Patches