Hardline (1997)

Mike Branson, Travis Wade, K.C. Hart, Brent Sawyer, Bruce Matthews, Troy Halston, Damien Ford, Adam Wilde

Bruce Matthews is "Ask Andy," an advice columnist who can spice up your sex life. And he's helped a lot of regular guys get the attention they deserve.
Troy Halston's hunger for roommate Damien Ford crosses the hard line… and Andy says: "Go for it!" When he can hold back no more, Troy plies sexy Damien with eager oral service, gliding his tongue over Damien's taut form. Within minutes the mutual attraction is overwhelming and they sixty-nine. But Damien wants more. He probes and relaxes Troy's hole, prepping him for the intensely felt ass-pounding which leaves both men satisfied and eager to renew their lusty bond.
Mike Branson experiments with lover Brent Sawyer. Their sex life is just a little too dull. He probes Brent's mouth with a variety of toys, finally shoving his huge whipped cream covered cock down Brent's throat. Hungry for more than sweets, Brent eagerly throats Mike's cock. In a state of erotic frenzy, Mike flips Brent over and probes his ass - getting it slick for his cock. Aroused without measure, these two studs settle in for a stiff session of fucking topped off with another sort of creamy topping.
Pizza delivery boy K.C. Hart has more than pie on his mind when he finds Adam Wilde is hungry for something other than food. Hart arrives to find Adam with a butt plug in his ass and takes control, shoving it in and out... driving Adam to the edge of ecstasy. Hart then slaps Adam's face with his hard dick until the stud can take no more and eagerly slurps Hart's tool. Inflamed by Adam's attentions, Hart eagerly pounds Adam's hungry hole and makes another special delivery.
"Ask Andy's" Bruce Matthews is having domestic problems of his own - lover Travis Wade is sick and tired of being ignored. Travis isn't going to take this lying down and demands the attention he deserves. Bruce eagerly complies, trailing his tongue down Travis' body to his cock, balls and then to his asshole, lovingly appreciating every bit of his boy. Overwhelmed by the attention, Travis eagerly swallows Bruce's cock before taking charge of Bruce's ass and fucking him with abandon.

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