Dim3nsion Collection 3: Out of Control (1982)

Bert Edwards, Bob (dim), Chris (dim), Davey (falcon), Dean (Chasson), Don (bw), Keith (bw), Rick (bw), Skip (bw), Steve Collins

Matt Sterling's Early Classics 3: Bert Edwards and Davey, plus young Rick, Steve and Don.

1. Winter's Come - 1973
Rick (bw), Steve Collins, Don (bw)
2. Out of Control (Dim3nsion) - 1973
Bert Edwards, Davey
Seemingly filmed in the same room as the short Big, Hot & Horny.
Face mashing, limb twisting, vertical 69ing, fast paced adrenaline soaked sex like only Bert Edwards can perform while Davey does his best at matching him.
Here's the incredibly popular Bert Edwards, wilder than ever, together with young Davy of "Inch by Inch." Davy and Bert had never met before but were aware of one another's reputation of being completely uninhibited. Both were surprised by their great attraction for each other when they met. The result is Bert at his heaviest, wildest completely uninhibited best, matched by Davy's hot response as the action get entirely "Out of Control."
This unfortunately is the final film of the unbelievable Bert Series since he has now returned to Canada. But Bert will be forever remembered in this his last but greatest film.
Market Reports Newsletter:
Setting: bedroom
Performer 1: age late teen, cauc., hair blonde med. lgth, bangs, body small, well blt. clean, lt. leg hair, blue eyes
Performer 2: age early 20's, cauc., hair brown very short, body husky, well built clean
Special Category: rough sex
Action Sequence: close-up of 1, then back to watch him strip He plays with his cock, getting it up 2 enters scene fondles him, then they both masturbate side-by-side, 2 cums. 2 mouths toes and feet of 1, then sucks his cock very aggressively, finger-fucks and rims him. He inserts his cock into 2, impaled and facing away, and delivers a pounding fuck. Turned around facing, he re-enters. Scene changes to 2 picking up 1 by the waist, turning his upside down, and rimming and sucking him. Back on the bed, 2 skull-fucks 1, rubs his cock all over his face and slaps him with it. 2 rims 1 again, rough and vigorous - sucks his cock like he's trying to tear off his exterior genitalia then rims him some more. They 69. 2 screws 1 kneeling, forceful and hard - 1 shows his asshole, stretched and cum spattered - 2 sucks 1, who cums on his face.
Market Reports Newsletter:
Bert Edwards and Davy (D.119) get together for an exuberant session together �X it opens with a closeup of Davy as he strips, begins to masturbate, when he is joined by Bert. After lying together and beating their meat, Bert starts to suck and lick Davy's foot and toes, then his cock, and on to anal foreplay. They screw and then rim some more, extensively. After resuming the fuck Bert pulls, cums, then reinserts – shows Davy's freshly fucked asshole. Both climax twice in the film. It has very good color, and has excellent print quality. Some closeups aren't too effective. The big guy/small guy aspect of this film lends itself to some possible extensions of ordinary fantasy.
3. On Leave - 1973
Bob (dim), Chris (dim)
Bob was on leave from the service when he met Chris. Except for one brief experience on board ship, this was all new to him. But Chris knew a lot more and was quick to show Bob what he learned, especially when he becomes aware of Bob's huge size.
Market Reports Newsletter:
Two attractive wavy-haired young guys, Bob with dark hair, Chris with blonde, work up a good sequence of oral foreplay followed by a fairly short fuck scene – which is distinguished by a good view of Chris' post-fuck anus. The models are very nice, and the presentation should appeal widely with general interest.
4. A Winter Place - 1973
Keith (bw), Dean (Chasson), Skip (bw)
On the rugged slope of one of Northern California’s mountains there’s a small wooden house surrounded by pine trees and wild brush. Though the air outside is bitingly cold, Keith, Dean and Skip spend many of their winter weekends here. They enjoy the free feeling in their winter place, especially the open conversation near the warm fire. But one weekend recently was much different – the conversation was all sexual and the three found themselves turning each other on with stories of their past conquests. It wasn’t long before the arousal became unbearable. Experimentation quickly led to a wild beautiful, unforgettable experience – an experience you won’t want to miss.
Market Reports Newsletter:
Setting: mahogany panelled room, raised hearth fire, cow hide rug
Performer 1: age about 20, cauc., hair light brown medium long, body avg. good very clean
Performer 2: age about 20, cauc., hair brown curly, body average lt. arm hair
Performer 3: age about 20, cauc., hair red medium, body well defined very clean, smooth
Action Sequence: close-up of fire in fireplace. cuts back to show 1 and 2 playing kissing games and undressing each other. Pants come down on 1 and he gets his cock sucked; standing, then lying on floor. Model 3, flaked out on the couch (screen right) watches and masturbates, cock poked out his fly. 1 gets down and sucks 2, 3 starts to strip. 2 fucks 1, apparently, as 1 jacks off and cums on the floor slow motion scene. Then there is a 3 way suck on the floor followed by 2 skull-fucking 1 - 1 cums, and so does one of the others, close-up, by hand (2?) - then 2 fucks 1 who sucks 3 after a lot of manipulating. Kneeling position. 2 pulls out and cums a fountain.
Market Reports Newsletter:
Dean Chasson and two friends enjoy a warm fireplace on a winter evening with three-way sex. Chasson is seen making out with the curly-haired model, as they progressively undress. The third model watches from a couch at the side of the room, masturbating. Chasson climaxes by hand after sucking his friend's cock – much of the scene filmed in slow motion. It appears that Chasson is then screwed by his companion, but it isn't established. The third model gets into the act directly, with all three sucking and jacking in combinations. Chasson gets screwed with certainty toward the end of the film. There are several climaxes throughout the film. The print is sharp and clear, but the color is off-one toward red in the original print. The pace tends to be slow arid less concise than others in this series.

Size: 434,32 MiB
Duration: 01:01:51, avg.bitrate: 982 kb/s
Video: mpeg4, yuv420p, 720x480, 23,98 fps(r)