Desert Hart (1998)

Adam Hart, Colby Taylor, David Pierre, Doug Jefferies, Eric Evans, Jake Andrews, Nick Chevalier, Rick Matthews, Shane Lancourt, Tyler Hill

Adam Hart invites a handful of friends to spend some quality time in the desert where they find the time to fuck all day and all night--filling the time with intense sexual action!

1. Colby Taylor likes it early in the day and he welcomes Shane Lancourt for a morning workout. The two men feed on heach other, running their hands and mouths over each other's bodies. They take turns sucking cocks and nipples, jamming their tongues inside each other's cracks...working themselves into a frenzy. Shane rides Colby's stiff hard prick, then together they stroke themselves to orgasm.
2. Night time action with Jake Andrews and Tyler Hill, who explore every inch and hole of each other's bodies. Tyler swallows Jake's thick sausage, the engorged dick filling his mouth completely. Then Jake takes Tyler orally, letting his partner fuck his face . The two men 69 and continue working each other orver. Tyler mounts Jake and impales himself on Jake's hard tool. He bounces up and down on the big cock until both men shower themselves with their loads.
3. The pace couldn't be fast enough for Eric Evans, Doug Jeffries and David Pierre as they attack each other with reckless sexual abandon. Their energy is pulsating and infectious as both Eric and David suck on Doug's mighty dick. They run their tongues alongside his long hard cock. Then Doug works their holes as Eric and David lay poolside--begging for attention. Doug tongues their cracks, spits water into their holes, then fingers them both, jabbing his fingers up inside them. The two men beg for more and Doug fucks them both, relentlessly plugging each man and making them moan with pleasure. Finally, the three men stand side by side and furiously stroke themselves to orgasm.
4. Adam Hart eyes Nick Chevalier and Rick Matthews making out by the pool, then quickly joins in the fun. The two young men immediately dive for Adam's cock, each sucking the hardened rod of this desert golden boy. The swallow his dick, gulping his balls into their mouths, burying their tongues insise his crack. Then the trio quickly goo inside to the gym and continue the full body workout. Adam breaks a ssweat as he face-fucks Nick and Rick. The three men form a daiy chain with Adam fucking Rick while sucking Nick's stiff cock. Then they swing into different positions...Adam jams his cock deep in his buddies' asses and blows his load over their faces.

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