Puremagnetik MICROPAK Grainscapes

Puremagnetik MICROPAK Grainscapes
Language: English
Team: SONiTUS | ISO | 1.35 GB

Forfilm scoring or sound design applications, Puremagnetik releasedGrainscapes, an original collection of haunting, granular synthesizedcinematic textures and ambiances.
Now available for Ableton Live,Native Instruments Kontakt, Apple Logic, or Renoise, Grainscapesprovides a host of otherworldly sounds that are perfect for setting asuspenseful film scene or designing walls of layered tension, accordingto Puremagnetik. Some of these sounds include bending metal, shimmeringglass, dark twisted ambiances, nightmare choirs, and much more.Grainscapes includes over 20 multisampled programs customized forinstant tweaking and sonic manipulation.

In making Grainscapes,Puremagnetik sound designers employed a powerful Symbolic Sound KymaSystem (well known for its granular synthesis capabilities) formanipulation of conventional instrument samples. Grainscapes was createdthrough a process of spectral analysis, granular resynthesis,filtering, and advanced jitter / frame automation. The result is acollection of film score, game audio, or soundtrack-ready granularsynthesized cinematic textures and ambiances.

Grainscapes features at a glance:

A collection of granular synthesized cinematic textures and ambiances
Ideal for film scoring or sound design applications
Over 20 multi-sampled programs
Ableton Live-ready with advanced macro control programming
Kontakt KSP based interface for easy editing
Renoise-ready XRNI files for instant playability
Scoring for picture standard at 24-bit, 48 kHz resolution
Requires Ableton Live 8.2.2, Kontakt 4.2, Logic 8, or Renoise 2.7