Blue Collar, White Heat (1993)

Jon Vincent, Randy White, Danny Summers, Tony Vitelli, Tad Garrett, John Rhodes, Robby Swenson, Devon Michaels, Rush Addams

Another variation on the construction worker theme that's worth seeing for the explosive scene between twink bottom Danny Summers and verbal pig/muscle god Jon Vincent.
Danny is the foreman of a crew working on Tony Vitelli's house. When Tony finds two workers reading magazines and slacking off, he takes it out on them in trade. Forcing them down on his hairy cock, he proceeds to give them a double dose of Italian sausage which they eagerly lap up. Seemingly, everyone on the jobsite is getting some, as we come across two workers who, upon finding a used rubber, proceed to give each other a good sucking off before the lunch whistle blows.
Danny reports all this to company owner Jon Vincent, who has other things on his mind. In the flick's most memorable and hard-on inducing scene, he forces Danny to strip down on the mirrored coffee table, giving himself (and us!) a lovely view of Danny's shaved hole. Danny gives Jon a drool-laden, sloppy blowjob, licking every inch of Jon's huge shaft. Jon ferociously flips Danny over, practically turning him into a human wishbone. When Danny gets overzealous in his riding of Jon's plunger, Jon orders him to "slow down baby, daddy's gonna do some slow damage to your ass".

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