Poser Figure Artist 1.0

Poser Figure Artist v1.0 |509 MB

Virtual 3D models for artists Poser Figure Artist - Poser-like program, according to developers (e-frontier) "virtual studio with realistic three-dimensional human model.
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" Includes: basic model (including Jessi and James), hundreds of poses, propsy. of the possibilities - Dynamic Figure Controls and installation of light a la Poser, HDRI-lighting, and the lack of speakers. Figure Artist is organized by type of Poser. The interface is divided into two parts - the window watching the scene and a menu with three c "rooms": - Library (models, poses, lights, cameras, etc.); - Publish (renderings); - Tutorial (tutorials and reference material). This program can be called lightweight (technical features) version of Poser.

Year : 2006 Version : 1.0.0 b.164 Developer : E-Frontier platform : x32, Windows XP, Windows 2000 Compatible with Vista : unknown Language : English