R:BASE eXtreme 9.1 Bundle

R:BASE eXtreme 9.1 Bundle | 1.38 GB

R:BASE eXtreme 9.1 is a completely new relational database development environment that has been amplified to provide the latest menu-driven features to database professionals.
About R:BASE Technologies, Inc.

R:BASE Technologies, Inc. is a privately-held company in Murrysville, Pennsylvania, USA. The company acquired the R:BASE products from Abacus Software Group in June 1998. R:BASE Technologies, Inc. markets and supports database management systems (DBMS) and other database-related software products for application development and business use. The company adheres to three basic principles in the design of its data management products: high-performance, data integrity, and ease of use. This fundamental approach has kept its flagship product, R:BASE, at the forefront of the industry. With millions of copies sold since its introduction, the R:BASE family of products is one of the most powerful database management systems available.

About R:BASE eXtreme 9.1

With the R:BASE engine established as the foundation of stability, the program interface and designers have been enhanced to fully exhibit the highest quality of development usability.

The "eXtreme" in the product's name signifies the cutting-edge development interface incorporated into the R:BASE program making database and application development more productive.

R:BASE offers many key advantages over other databases - advantages that are better suited to overall business or departmental needs. R:BASE is designed much like the powerhouse database management systems of the mainframe and mid-range computer world, while empowering the individual business user.

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