Garmin City Navigator Russia NT 2012 ISO-LZ0

Garmin City Navigator Russia NT 2012 ISO-LZ0 | 757 MB

Update your maps and make the travel more efficient and more fun with the 2012 maps from Garmin. Don't get lost because of outdated maps, find your way and get there on time.

1. Unpack
2. Format your MicroSD/SD card with FAT/FAT32
3. Copy over the .img file to the SD card
4. Insert the card into your GPS unit, turn it on and it should then start loading the map. In case this fails, then go to the settings screen and enable loading of maps
5. Enjoy your trip

Release Date: 2012-01-30
Nfo Date: 2012-01-30


Num. Disks: xx/xx OS: GARMIN
Nfo Time: 18:00 Rel Type: GPS MAPS
Cracker: Team Lz0 Archive: lz0*.zip
Packer: Team Lz0 Rating: 9/10
Supplier: Team Lz0 Language: ENGLISH
Protection: RETAIL
Requirements: N/A
Publisher URL:
Publisher: GARMIN