Future Loops Space Explorations WAV Samples

Future Loops Space Explorations WAV Samples | 2.13 GB

Future Loops presents Space Explorations, a striking experience from our groundbreaking Infinite Series. Dazzle your mind with hundred�s of textures and ambiences that will take you directly into hyper-space

magine yourself inside a rocket: you start travelling at the speed of light and as you leave the atmosphere and enter the edge of space, a new world of strange but amazing phenomenons arises�

Let your mind travel through the cosmos: discover galaxies and solar systems, surf on a comet�s tail, get lost in a black hole and suddenly, find yourself in the middle of an intergalactic war surrounded by powerful spaceships and extraordinary beings�.

After escaping and seriously damaging your rocket drift into a beautiful lost moon where peace and zero gravity take control

Space Explorations is a stunning collection of samples that will reshape the realms of your creativity and imagination .

Suitable for any genre of production, you�ll be amazed with the power of this library, as each different sound takes your tracks into new spacial depths !