Adobe Creative Suite 5 5 Master Collection CS5 5 - Mac � IPT

Adobe Creative Suite 5 5 Master Collection CS5 5 - Mac - IPT | 6.15 GB

Here it is! The newly released, ESD version of the Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Master Collection for Macintosh!
NOTE: The Adobe Activation Blocker 1.1 that is contained within this torrent, has been updated separately to version 1.1.1. The newer version corrects a localhost problem if you use the utility to actually reset your hosts file to its default state.I recommend you download the newer version of the tool, available separately from the following torrent
This torrent contains:

i?? the full, Electronic Software Distribution (ESD) for the Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Master Collection (Macintosh, US English)

SHA1 of the main data file, "MasterC_CS5_5_LS1":


This is identical to the one downloaded directly from Adobe.

i?? the all-new Adobe Activation Blocker utility

i?? a large list of serial numbers to choose from (note that these are NOT from the XFORCE keygen that previously caused problems for so many others, and the list has been updated to differentiate full install serials from upgrade install serials!) 3rd times the charmi??



It seems as though this has continued to work well for most users. Here are a few troubleshooting tips for those who've experienced problems of any kind:

1. This is the GOLDEN MASTER release. While it will allow you to install a 30-day trial, the included serials and other tools are intended to make it so that you can install the full version.

2. Verify your hard drive and/or partitions with Disk Utility. If problems are found, deal with them before you proceed any further.

3. Repair permissions with Disk Utility.

4. Make sure you've run the Adobe uninstallers for any previous installations (available from the Adobe Web site).

5. A more up-to-date version of the Adobe Activation Blocker utility can be found here:

6. If installing on 10.7 Lion, be sure to manually install Java before you run the Adobe installer.

7. All updates released by Adobe should install just fine over the initial versions installed from this torrent, even from the built-in updater utility (although you're welcome to use the direct download updaters provided at the Adobe Web site).

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