Just Dance 3 - COMPLEX (XBOX360)
Size: 8.14 GB
Genre: Dance

Along with solos and duets, Just Dance 3 will feature quartets which will allow 4 players to
dance all together. The Wii and Move versions will have Smart Shuffle in which the player
will be challenged and rewards can be unlocked, and Dance Mashup which will pair different
dance styles into one The Wii version will have a Flash Mob mode. This mode can share up
to 8 Wii Remotes in which players can dance together.

The Kinect version will have a "Just Create" mode in which players can create their own
routines with the Kinect. They can be saved, shared with their friends online and be
played just like any other Just Dance routine.

Platform: XBOX360
Region: Region Free
Format: XGD3
Size: 1DVD
Languages: English
Genre: Dance
Size: 8.14 GB


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http://turbobit.net/whd7zuk9bjql/Just Dance 3 XBOX360-COMPLEX.part2.rar.html
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