Reading Blaster 6-8 & 9-12
Size: 294.38 MB

Six engaging activities develop essential spelling, phonics, grammar, and vocabulary skills and equip children to read and listen effectively. Five adjustable levels of content, over 2,000 vocabulary words, and 25 read-along books let kids be detectives, making reading fun! Reading Blaster is correlated to state and national educational standards.

FOR AGES 6-8--- Reading Blaster Brings New Technology to Learning With This Virtual Classroom and Adjusts to Your Child's Individual Needs.
Take a trip with the Blaster Pals to Islandia, where book-napping Mumblers are leaving the planet at a loss for words. Catch the crooks and bag the books as you fine tune your grammar and reading skills to help bring reading back to Islandia again.

Climb aboard the Blaster Learning Rocket to build these critical 2nd grade-reading skills:

Recognize beginning and ending sounds
Recognize short and long vowel sounds
Identify nouns, verbs, and adjective
Identify compound words and contractions
Identify syllables, prefixes and suffixes
Use punctuation and capitalization
Identify antonyms, synonyms, and homophones
Sue past and present tenses
Sequence words to make sentences
Comprehend stories to answer questions


Windows XP, Vista, Win 7
P90 or Faster
16 MB RAM (32 MB RAM recommended)
256-color Super VGA graphics
4x CD-ROM or better
Hard Drive
Windows Compatible Sound Card
(Printer Highly Recommended)

Over 75 mystery reading passages develop critical-thinking skills such as reading for details, finding the main idea, making inferences, and drawing conclusions. By applying context clues and grammar rules, your child will discover word meanings and build comprehension skills over increasing levels of difficulty. Reading Blaster is correlated to state and national educational standards.
Dr. Dabble's Done It Again!

Six of Bizarroville's leading citizens have vanished into thin air, and all the evidence points to Dr. Dabble! Use your reading comprehension skills to follow the trail of letters, journals and clues to unravel the mystery!

System Requirements
Windows® Vista, XP, 98SE
Pentium® II 266 MHz or faster processor
10 MB free hard disk space
800x600 resolution, 16-bit color
DirectX® 8-compatible graphics card with 32 MB RAM
Windows-compatible sound card
12X CD-ROM drive

Kids Learn:
Sentence structure
Parts of speech
Synonyms and antonyms
Reading for detail
Drawing conclusions
Using context clues
Sequencing and ordering
...and more!

Using your logic and vocabulary, you'll identify the relationship between words.

Grammar Skills
Complete sentences and identify parts of speech to outwit Lydia the Ghost.

Reading for Understanding
Draw the correct conclusions to bring back a missing guest.

Size: 294.38 MB Blaster (Educational Software Games).rar.html