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Anatomy Trains 3D by Tomas V. Maers | ISO | 2.19 GB

The 'Anatomy Trains' is a revolutionary way of analyzing soft-tissue patterns, and developing strategies for unwinding these patterns via fascial and myofascial work. Using the metaphor of train lines, Tom Myers explains how patterns of strain communicate through the myofascial 'webbing', contributing to postural compensation and movement stability.
Anatomy Trains DVD-ROM brings this concept to life in visually memorable 3D. A high resolution interactive 3D model of human musculature - with the anatomy trains lines, tracks, and stations - provide a unique map of the major myofascial continuities in the human body. The models can be rotated 360�, labelled and are supplemented by text descriptions and videos.

Combination views, to show the complex relationships of two or more lines, have also been included.

Anatomy Trains also contains content from Interactive Functional Anatomy including 46 interactive muscle function animations showing muscle function during common movements, gross motor function and anatomy and functional anatomy text.

* See the Anatomy Trains theory in memorable 3D.
* A quick and easy way to learn and remember complex anatomy.
* Digital format saves you time looking for images
* Transform your presentations and lectures. Use easy edit functions to export any image or animation for your own use.

Detailed List of Views
* Neurovascular full body
* Neurovascular upper body
* Neurovascular Trunk and Arms
* Neurovascular lower body
* Superficial back line
* Superficial front line
* Lateral line
* Spiral line
* Deep front arm line
* Superficial front arm line
* Deep back arm line
* Superficial back arm line
* Back functional line
* Front functional line
* Lowest common line
* Lower posterior line
* Lower anterior line
* Upper posterior line
* Upper middle line
* Upper anterior line
* Deep front line
* SFL and SBL
* SFL and DFL
* DFAL and DFL
* LL and SL
* BFL and DBAL
* FFL,BFL and SL
* Lower LL and lower DFL

Anatomy Section
* Muscles
* Bones
* Arteries
* Ligaments
* Nerves

Anatomy Trains text:
* Superficial back line
* Superficial front line
* Lateral line
* Spiral line
* Arm lines
* Functional lines
* Deep front lines
* Combination Views

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