Autodesk 3ds Max 9 - 100% working version + full + crack instructions

Autodesk 3ds Max 9 - 100% working version + full + crack instructions | 2.54 GB

3ds max - the market leader in software for three-dimensional modeling, animation and rendering . new version of 3D Studio MAX offers more advanced features that meet the growing needs of the creators of three-dimensional modeling and animation, as well as developers of interactive games. The open architecture of 3D Studio MAX allows animators to take advantage of more than one hundred connected applications to quickly and easily add impressive effects.
Moreover, using 3D Studio MAX SDK, they can even create your own application modules to give an original look to their creations. 3D Max - three-dimensional graphics software - can be used: � in the architectural design � in the preparation of advertising and popular spots for Television � in computer animation and art of animation (special effects, fantastic monsters, etc.). � computer games � in computer graphics and Web-design productivity Rapid modeling of inorganic forms using the module ProBooleans. Placing animation in several layers for easy configuration of complex objects, and piled up the animation. View scene complexity statistics showing the frame rate to measure and optimize the performance of the calculation stage. Advanced features of 3ds Max 9 such as faster calculation of the complex dynamics of clothing, ensure high speed and accuracy, allowing you to meet the short development time. Pipelining ease the sharing of files, keeping track of resources involved in the work, and adjustment of pipelines to accelerate workflow . Improvements xefs structures for better interaction with linked resources, support for relative paths, and Autodesk Vault feature allows the development team to optimize workflow and manage the collaborative work of team members. Improved visualization of the creation of photorealistic images. Added new shaders for Mental Ray 3.5 and a celestial sun. Material shader to simulate a car paint "Chameleon". In addition, new sets of parameters for the simulation of the scattered light (ambient occlusion), as well as the effects of smoothed angles of reflection and refraction is easier to achieve realistic results. Use the full power of Mental Ray rendering engine by using Autodesk 3ds Max 9 Autodesk 3ds Max - is the choice of the world's largest CG-studios like BioWare Corp., Cook & Fox, Digital Dimension, Epic Games, Foster & Partners, Frantic Films, GMJ Design Ltd, Microsoft, Midway Games, The Orphanage, Sway Studio, Ubisoft, etc. Extras. Information : This is a complete copy of the license disk with English + medicine + full crack

Year : 2007 Version 9 Developer : Autodesk Platform : PC Compatibility with Vista : unknown + running System Requirements : - 32-bit version - Microsoft Windows XP Professional (SP 2 or higher) or Windows 2000 Professional (SP 4). - Intel Pentium IV processor or AMD Athlon XP or higher. - 512 MB ??RAM (1 GB recommended). - 64-bit version of the Language : English + Russian Max 9.part01.rar Max 9.part02.rar Max 9.part03.rar Max 9.part04.rar Max 9.part05.rar Max 9.part06.rar Max 9.part07.rar Max 9.part08.rar Max 9.part09.rar