Right Hemisphere Deep Exploration Cad Edition 6.3.5

Right Hemisphere Deep Exploration Cad Edition 6.3.5 | 1.02 GB

Right Hemisphere Deep Exploration - a powerful tool for viewing and conversion of 2D, 3D, audio and video files. The program supports more than four popular formats, and, in particular, allows you to convert 3D files from one format to another, including animation. The program can see the hierarchy of three-dimensional scenes and materials.
Deep Exploration comes in two versions - Standard and CAD Edition. The second version supports more formats, as well as an expanded set of tools for working with three-dimensional scenes. There are tools for optimization models, removal of the scenes for hidden objects, associations of the same materials and the disposal of unused and much more. In addition to its core functions, the program allows you to open files on some manipulation: to view the assembly, hide / show specific details, measurements, etc.

Year / Date : 07.04.2011 Version : 6.3.5 Build 8307 Developer : Right Hemisphere Web Developer : http://www.righthemisphere.com/ Bit : 32bit +64 bit Vista Compatible with : Full compatibility with Windows 7 : complete Language : English Crack : Is present System requirements : WindowsXP SP3 (32 and 64) Vista (32 and 64) Windows 7 (32 and 64) is recommended

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