Winborg XP x86/ISO/ENG 2011

Winborg XP x86/ISO/ENG 2011 | 4.26 GB

What is Winborg XP
If you boot with this DVD and start one of the setup routines, this will clean install a corporate edition of Windows XP Pro
SP3 updated to the month of release. The aim is for you to be able to stick this DVD in, quickly get setup running, and then
when setup finally stops, your computer is ready to use. There are no steps in between, you don't need to do a thing, you get
a fully unattended installation of everything. This means all your device drivers installed and no critical updates need
installing. You just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Actually, there are some options you can select, in particular, the Driver Packs Selector is something you'll want to look
out for as the operating system is installed because you can choose extra driver packs that aren't selected by default and
you can also un-select some to save some time for the install. You can also set the type of screen resolution you have -
standard or widescreen - this will make the end result a lot more satisfying to gaze upon. Once setup has finished, select
your favourite applications from the fully-stocked software library -- all titles are installed for you and you don't have to
do anything about registering, cracking, or any of that crap. Just reboot at the end.

Winborg XP was created by BartOfBorg.

Further development since August 2006 by Soporific.
Instructions :

* Burn the image to DVD at slow speed or verify the data after burning
* Make sure the BIOS of your PC is set to boot from your DVD drive
* Boot with the DVD and choose your OS option, or use the Tools to check your hardware
* Not all tools from the Tools menu will work on your machine, so don't be concerned. Just try another tool.
* Some USB devices interfere with setup so if you experience problems, try unplugging all USB devices and then trying again.
* Be cautious when selecting extra driverpacks when you see the list of available packs (after your PC reboots for the 1st
time) - if devices don't appear to work as intended, redo the installation without them or unplug the devices and install
them after the OS is installed. Also, check Device Manager for incorrectly installed devices after setup has finished.
New in this version:

* the 1st OS options has even less extra added files than previous versions; the wallpapers, themes, and cursors are not
* some themes and wallpapers were retired
* the apps library was extensively updated
* the apps library installer (WPI) now works for Windows 7 systems.