Ueberschall Antigravity Maneuvers ELASTIK SCD DVDR-SONITUS

Ueberschall Antigravity Maneuvers ELASTIK SCD DVDR
Language: English
Team: SONITUS | ISO | 1.3GB

Edge chasing epics of DnB (drum and bass) and 2 Step (garage) under Elastik ordinance. Inside you'll find the thrill of creation and the acclimation of chiseled craft. The 2 Step material is a rare retro/metro gem, this technique is heard in many commercials and networks.
Drum and Bass is a constantly evolving medium growing larger by the minute, it's featured across film scores, pop songs or even nu-metal. Tricky beats, solid backings with much mechanical mayhem. These sets include early DnB (jungle etc...) and NuDnB (bigbeat accent) as well as 2 Step styled with Dub, RnB, Reggae and others. All Construction Kit format with ueber-fidelity. Wild percussion, keys, synths, rez bass, abstracts, fx, nature, acoustic bass, floating pads, wobbly wide synth and others.

Includes the following sharp shooter collections:

DnB Resonance
DnB Flashtrackz
2 Step Garage




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