Hack Pack 2012 v3.2.135.68 x64/x86/Final/WiN/2012

Hack Pack 2012 v3.2.135.68 x64/x86/Final/WiN/2012 | 1.4 Gb

With this selection you can regain access to the system, retrieve a forgotten password to a file Mesager, website, email ... Check the strength of the local network, a network of Wi-Fi, to learn something new for themselves in terms of network design, software, etc. A selection of useful both network administrators and ordinary users.

Google Hacking
SolarWinds Engineer Toolset Administrator Guide
SQL Injection. Breaking ASP + MSSQL
Administration and Security Linux
Addresses on the Internet
Linux security
Hacking Software
Types of Hackers
Virtual Wifi in Windows 7
BIOS beep codes
Information Security
Local Area Networks
Organizing Wireless Networks
Tricks Hack
Guide to Hackers
Network Administration
List of ports and Description
Technique Hack - Sockets, Exploits, Shell-code
Technique of Network Attacks
Information Security Technology

Default Password List
Peek Drivers

Recovery Tools
Advanced Archive Password Recovery Professional v4.53
Advanced EFS Data Recovery v4.0
Advanced IM Password Pecovery v4.10.297
Advanced Office Password Recovery Pro v5.04.547
Advanced PDF Password Recovery v5.04
Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery v2.90.215
Elcomsoft System Recovery Pro v3.0.466
Elcomsoft Wireless Security Auditor v4.0.211
Internet Password Breaker v2.0.306
Lightning Hash Cracker v0.60
Password Recovery Bundle 2011 v1.80
Password Recovery Kit Enterprise v9.7.1572
Proactive Password Auditor v2.01
Proactive System Password Recovery v6.3.1.786
RAR Password Recovery v1.53
RAR Password Unlocker v3.3
Registry Tracer v2.11
ZIP Password Recovery v4.0

! NEW Ace Password Sniffer v1.4
Aircrack-NG v1.1
AirPcap v4.1.1
! NEW Angry IP Scanner v3.0
ApacheConf Lite v7.1
! NEW Brutus AET2
CommView for WiFi v5.6.553
CommView for WiFi v6.0.585 VoIP
CommView v6.1.636
Dependency Walker v2.2
Dialupass v3.16
! NEW Engage Packet Builder v2.1.0
ExploitMyUnion v2.1
! NEW Hidden Administrator v4.1
Htpasswd Generator v4.1.1
LanTricks (9 tools)
! NEW MIPKO Employee Monitor v6.0.4.1014
OllyDbg v2.0
PasswordsPro v3.1.1.0
! NEW PHP Shell
Product Key Explorer v2.8.6.0
! NEW Proxy Finder Enterprise v2.5
! NEW Proxy Hunter v1.4
PuTTY v0.60
Resource Hacker v3.6
Resource Tuner
Safe3 SQL Injector v8.4
! NEW Shellcode
SMAC v2.7 Pro
SolarWinds Engineer Toolset v9.2
Sysinternals Suite
! NEW The Dude v3.6
TrueCrypt v7.1
! NEW VisualRoute 2010 Pro 14
w3af v1.0
! NEW WinGate v6.5.2.1217
WinHex v16.1 SR-6
WinSCP v4.3.5

LiveCD powerful weapons pro
Microsoft Vision 2019
Arsenal of military Sysadmin
Cracking WPA
We reveal SSL
Hyperactive virtuality
Compact Windows
Mastered with WPA2

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