Tonehammer Rust Vol 1&2 MULTiFORMAT DVDR

Tonehammer Rust Vol 1&2 MULTiFORMAT DVDR | 1.37 GB

Tonehammer Rust Vol. 1 is a hymn to man-made metal. The library contains 18 different metallic instruments ranging from huge sounding Stairwell Railings to a tiny Soda Can Ensemble, from Dumpster and Junkyard Percussion to an old coal mine air shaft, from Bowed saw to Monkey balls and much more. Tonehammer Rust Vol. 1 contains nearly 2700 samples, totaling over 1 GB. We hope you will join us on this boundless journey into the realm of heavy and not so heavy metals.

* Instruments:
- Black Diamond Mine Shaft � Bare handed pounding on the sides of a sand mine air shaft, outdoor.
- Gigantic Bottles and Iron Chairs � metal and glass pounding on tile and glass surfaces in a large hall.
- Brass Rail � Bare hands playing no a thin 4 foot long brass railing, muted and sustained in a dry room.
- Saint Louis City Museum Caverns � Bare hands slapping on interior walls of giant steel tunnels
- Coins � A whole lot of quarters in a small, bright hall.
- Crowbar Strike � A standard 24� crowbar on concrete, close mic�d in a dry studio room.
- Dolphin Point Bridge � Bare hands on the railing and support beams of a 100 foot long pedestrian bridge over a bayfront waterway.
- Dumpster / Junkyard Orchestra � Hands, sticks, mallets and hammers against dumpsters and other junk.
- Galvanized Nipples � galvanized steel pipes played against each other in a dry studio room.
- Metal Racks � Large steel mesh equipment racks, played with drum sticks and wire, recorded in a semi-dry studio room.
- Monkey Balls � Hematite egg thingies, banging together in a small, dry room.
- Tuned Paint Can � An empty steel paint can, played bare handed in a small, dry studio room.
- Bowed Saw � A standard saw played with a 4/4 scale violin bow in a small, bright hall.
- Soda Can Tabs � Soda can tabs being plucked in a large, bright hall.
- Stairwell Railing � Long steel handrails being struck with hard felt mallets in a dark basement stairwell, close-mic'd.
- Tower Step Bang � Heavy work boots kicking a steel step in a 5 story glass tower, recorded from 40 feet up.
- UMSL Observatory kinetic sculpture � Bare hands slapping on the steel sides of a gigantic outdoor wind sculpture
- Willow Bridge � A long pedestrian bridge over a creak, played with bare hands, drumsticks and mallets.

* Indoor, outdoor, hall and studio recordings. Please note that outdoor recordings are especially prone to human, animal and other random noise pollution finding it's way into samples. It's just a reality of sampling out in the real world, but we think little flaws in otherwise outstanding recordings can add a lot of natural character and flavor to mixes.
* (4-8 velocities average / 6-10 repetitions pr. velocity average)
* 18 instrument collections, 20 instrument patches, 2692 samples, 1.04 GB installed, 338 MB .rar download
* Sample resolution: 44.1Khz/16Bit stereo wav format
* Format(s): Kontakt and .wav

Rust Vol. II covers +3.100 samples of "prepared metal/rust" instruments and is one of the largest- and most comprehensive sample collections ever done of metal objects. Rust II covers over 81 different type of "instruments" from giant aluminum poles to metal bathtubs, from slamming blast doors used as percussion instruments to massive Hercules (nuclear missile holders) metal racks, from creaking cell doors to metal objects without names, from massive metal stairs to slamming large tower rails. The library also includes a sick sample collection recorded at a sculpture park. The collection holds no less then 17 different metal sculptures each with their own tonal characteristics.


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