Wavescape Studio G2 Vol.02 OnStage-KONTAKT
Size: 160.19 MB

If you produce dance music, whether it’s pop, dance, trance, house, techno, breaks, euro, nrg, electro, psy or drum and bass – you’ll love the sounds available in this package. Everything is pre-mapped and looped, so you can stop wasting time and quickly find exactly the right sound to get the job done. Realtime control possibilites are also added: just move the modulation wheel to change several parameters in real-time in order to make sound “breathe”! This is really uniques soundset that utilizes the rich feature set of the KONTAKT 2 sampler.

"ON STAGE " is a set of multisamples of our custom sounds for the Clavia Nord Modular G2 synthesizer. Clavia Nord Modular G2 is the ultimate synthesizer for creating unique synthesizer sounds. From the original classic analog sounds to any bizarre "sci-fi" drone texture the G2 offers a number of previously unavailable sonic opportunities. Despite its bizarre complexity this instrument is the "secret weapon" of several famous top producers' and musicians' technical arsenal around the world.

Size: 160.19 MB