Delorme Street Atlas U.S.A. 2012 Plus
Size: 3.93 GB

Release Notes:
Everything you need to create, customize, print, and share detailed
maps containing your own contact address locations, and much more.

Create databases of your business information. Import, edit, and
map your vital contact manager data, or additional data from Excel
or other sources.

Display radius information including acreage,
square miles, more. Print notebook and wall-size maps for strategic
planning, trade shows, dispatch, and other needs.

Create ultra-detailed maps for high-impact presentations.

Street Atlas USA Plus Phone Data is also included in this release
in DISC 2

Install Notes:
see serial.txt in DISC 1

Minimum Requirements:
1.6 GHz + - WINXP SP2 - 1 gb RAM - 1.8GB HD
Supplier....: SHOCK TEAM ³ Release Date.: 13/02/2012
Packager....: SHOCK TEAM ³ Release Type.: MAPS
Cracker.....: SHOCK TEAM ³ Disk(s)......: 84x50mb
Protection..: Serial

Size: 3.93 GB