VOCALOID 3 Legacy Libraries Vol. 3 - Assign release
Size: 4.24 GB

In the past, since the editor and voicebank were sold together to get the latest version
of the software it involved purchase of a newer Vocaloid. As of Vocaloid 3,
updates now come directly from Yamaha themselves because
the editor and voicebank are sold separate.

Vocaloid 3 is the first Vocaloid engine to feature backwards
compatibility with past Vocaloids. As such, importing Vocaloids
from Vocaloid 2 into Vocaloid 3 is possible. Results from Vocaloid 2
will not be the same for Vocaloid 3.

However, due to the improvements to the engine, Vocaloid 2
voicebanks appear to have much more clarity when imported
into Vocaloid 3 and the results are much more natural sounding.
So even the worst quality Vocaloid 2 voicebank will have noticeable
improvements over the original engine counterpart.

This file includes Big Al, Sweet Ann, Sonika, Prima, and Tonio. It's one file but the installer let's you choose which ones you want to install.
This originally came in a big split .rar file, but it's easier to corrupt that way so I slimmed it down to just the one .iso.
Size: 4.24 GB