Windows XP Pro SP3 OEM Untouched
Size: 589.14 MB

When techs require an untouched ISO, they mean virginized not even looked at or drooled on straight from the disc to .ISO to uploaded to Demonoid - untouched. Why? Techs would rather modify the ISO themselves, for those retarded situations that call for a REAL untouched ISO, or just to use it to craft their own discs.

Now to answer questions that are predicted to be asked in the future.
1) Don't ask for an effin key, I don't provide them
2) This disc does NOT contain those new-fangled sata/raid drivers that are supposed to be installed with the F6 button anyway (because it's an untouched OEM disc)
3) There are no driver packs installed
4) This disc is untouched ISOfied from a real life DELL OEM install disc
5) Any who are insulted by any description in this torrent are severely affected by bias (sometimes can be seen limping to the local Walmart) and are a great source of the destruction of the use of LOGIC (as seen here in graphs A-C, with X representing a score for me in Demonoid... again...) XD

>.> Nothing is true, Everything is permitted

Size: 589.14 MB XP Professional SP3 (x86) OEM Edition.rar.html