Mac OSX 10.4.6 Tiger (PPC)

Mac OSX 10.4.6 Tiger (PPC) | 2.54 GB

Meet! The most advanced operating system in the world! Back. Learn more! Get the latest information. Be creative. Discover. Learn. Share with your friends. Discuss! Now Mac OS X "Tiger" will give you the opportunity to make it faster and easier. "Tiger" will facilitate your research! Enjoy access to everything you need with your computer.
Upgrade your computer! Experience a completely new interface that facilitates the search of all that you need. A new way to find what you want at a rate equal to the speed of your print. Look, all you need with a single application: files, pictures, emails, contacts, address book, notes, calendar, and even any application, all you have to appear immediately! Arrange a revolution on your desktop Mac OS X "Tiger" change your usual way of communicating with your computer. A breakthrough in technology search, stunning graphics and media capabilities, unparalleled connectivity and interaction, an intuitive and friendly user interface and integrated set of powerful tools with the ability to self - all based on solid as a rock, based on the UNIX system - is you absolutely innovative , stable and compatible operating system on the planet. And the point is.

Year : 2006 Version : 10.4.6 Developer : Apple Platform : PC Apple Macintoch Language : Multi

System Requirements : Macintosh computer with a processor, PowerPC G3, G4 or G5 processor Built-in FireWire 256MB RAM 3GB available hard disk space (4GB if you install the developer tools) Tablet : Not required


Mirror 2: Mac.OSX.10.4.6.Tiger.PPC.part01.rar Mac.OSX.10.4.6.Tiger.PPC.part02.rar Mac.OSX.10.4.6.Tiger.PPC.part03.rar Mac.OSX.10.4.6.Tiger.PPC.part04.rar Mac.OSX.10.4.6.Tiger.PPC.part05.rar Mac.OSX.10.4.6.Tiger.PPC.part06.rar Mac.OSX.10.4.6.Tiger.PPC.part07.rar Mac.OSX.10.4.6.Tiger.PPC.part08.rar Mac.OSX.10.4.6.Tiger.PPC.part09.rar Mac.OSX.10.4.6.Tiger.PPC.part10.rar Mac.OSX.10.4.6.Tiger.PPC.part11.rar