VAS PC v 19.01.00 & [Updates 12.2011]

VAS PC v 19.01.00 & [Updates 12.2011] | 6.1 Gb
This program is used to diagnose cars of concern VAG (Audi, VW, Skoda, Seat) at the dealership level for all on-board diagnostics. The device connects the VAS 5054 vehicle with a laptop / PC via a Bluetooth interface, use the cable VAS 5054 trebuetsya.Interfeys not work with original software VAS PC 19 and functionally performs the same functions as the original device VAS 5052, using a regular computer.
The range of the wireless Bluetooth connection, depending on environmental conditions and use the PC side the Bluetooth adapter is 5-10 meters.

Composition basic_cd_19.00.RUS:
Flash DVD VAG 051.iso
VAG VAS-PC HotFix For Version 19.00.exe
VAS5054 setup.pdf
mwtabs 19 RUS.rar
How postavit.mht

10/19/2011 - Added a basic disk 19.01 rus
10/20/2011 - Added file with a description of the installation
11/22/2011 - Updated: new vintage wheels VW 19.13, AUDI 19.35, SKODA 19.48
11/30/2011 - Updated: The new branded drive AUDI 19.36. Posted: VAG flash DVD, a patch to correct unreadable Russian Characters
12.17.2011 - Added: new branded drive SEAT 19.69
22.12.2011 - Added: new branded drive Skoda 19.49

Information about the program:
Year: 22.12.2011g
Platform: Windows XP
Language: ML / Eng
Medicine: yes