Sims 3 Store February 2012 (PC|Win)
Size: 8.05 GB

This is the COMPLETE Sims 3 Store items listing as of February 2012. All files have been put into .package form by set, so no need to deal with the horrid installer!

Despite the fools at EA's Customer Service Department I seem to have my save corruption issue licked, though I'm still having issues installing any .sims3pack whether they be my legally obtained store ones or 3rd party content. As a result I spotted a conflict in the January 2012 file and cleared it. The updated file is in this torrent.

Due to my uncertainty about whether or not I'll be able to continue this collection in the future due to my health I have also included the decrapified sims3packs. Use one or the other, NOT both! Using both will result in duplicate items!!! Using a sims3pack from this torrent and the one from the store will ALSO result in duplicates as the process to break the copyright protection changes the sims3pack just enough for it to appear as a totally different file!

If you aren't sure how to install a .package file for the Sims 3, please check out the tutorial on Mod the Sims via the link provided.

Mod the Sims Wiki - How to Install Package Files

Please don't just leech, seed for a while after you download!


Q: The directions on Mod the Sims are for mod files?

A: Every mod posted at Mod the Sims is in the form of a .package file, the exact same thing provided in this torrent. Installation is exactly the same.

Q: What if I want to use the .sims3pack files instead?

A: If you have the game installed double clicking any .sims3pack file will open the launcher, which will install it. Remember, if you use the package files the only files you need to install this way are the Worlds and Buildings.

NOTE: There is a big change this month in the file structure. Mainly in order to reduce download times EVERY file of substance has been high compression zipped. This has cut about 2 gb off the current size of the torrent, however it does mean there won't be speed seeding this month. Zip files are NOT password protected.

Size: 8.05 GB 3 Store (package and decrapified sims3pack files).part1.rar.html 3 Store (package and decrapified sims3pack files).part2.rar.html 3 Store (package and decrapified sims3pack files).part3.rar.html 3 Store (package and decrapified sims3pack files).part4.rar.html 3 Store (package and decrapified sims3pack files).part5.rar.html 3 Store (package and decrapified sims3pack files).part6.rar.html 3 Store (package and decrapified sims3pack files).part7.rar.html