Sesame Street Elmo's Art Workshop Ages 2-6 (Pc|Win|2012)
Size: 379.73 MB

Platform: Windows NT / 98 / 2000 / Me / 3.1 / 95, Mac, Linux, Unix
System Requirements: 486/33 MHz or faster 8 MB RAM minimum 3 MB free hard disk space 640x480 256 colors Windows-compatible sound card & speakers 2X CD-ROM drive

Designed specifically for preschoolers, Elmo's Art Workshop provides hundreds of ways for children to create beautiful artwork and fun creative projects. Paint pictures and add your favorite Sesame Street characters. Create birthday cards, finger puppets, masks, posters, and more! Oversized buttons and helpful creative hints from Elmo ensure that every effort leads to a masterpiece. (Ages 2-6)

The only product designed especially for preschoolers Art Workshop features oversized buttons and verbal instructions from Elmo! The Sesame Street characters help kids build skills in: Picture Composition Creative Expression Letters Numbers Shapes & Colors Computer FamiliarityPainting It's an open canvas...pick any tool brush or color combination. Add wacky patterns like Zig Zags sparkles cookie crumbs rubber all your favorite characters! StickersTake an interplanetary trip with Grover! Your space creation might include UFO's shooting stars...even a cow jumping over the moon! Costumes Play dress-up by mixing & matching over 500 costumes and accessories. Put a wacky wig on Elmo or a tutu on Zoe. Add a hat tie and gloves ... Coloring Book Catch a wave with Bert! Choose from dozens of different scenes & craft projects in the electronic coloring book. Color on the screen or print out pages and create a custom coloring book! Make thousands of colorful creations! Over 400 stickers including Sesame Street characters 50 different creative projects Sesame Street Crafts: make your own masks greeting cards door signs finger puppets and more! Hundreds of tools & tricks

This is a image of the full game made using nero and is a .nrg file but can be opened and mounted as a standard .iso This program does NOT work in Windows XP or Vista or 7 without using a virtual machine. I have this for my 5 yo mounted using MagicDisc and run in a Win 98 SE virtual machine using VMPlayer and it works fine on my quad core Intel Q6600 computer clocked @ 3.2 ghz running Windows 7 Professional x64 bit.

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I had the disk many years ago and when I was unable to find my disk I looked for this on several torrent sites and couldn't find the program, so when I found the disk again I decided to upload for the parents with small children.

Size: 379.73 MB Art Shop.rar.html