Final Fantasy 7 - DAA all 4 ISO's (PC|Win|2012)
Size: 1.61 GB

The enormous Playstation console smash hit Final Fantasy VII makes a successful debut on the personal computer, converted beautifully by designers Squaresoft and Eidos Interactive. Gamers familiar with Squaresoft's popular Final Fantasy series should have little trouble grasping the seventh title's action-packed, role-playing game play. However, Final Fantasy VII's excellent documentation and intuitive controls ensure that beginners won't feel overwhelmed.

Players assume the role of Cloud Strife, a defector of Shinra, the evil corporation maintaining control over the planet. As the game opens, Cloud joins "Avalanche," a resistance group determined to foil the corporation's diabolical plans. Final Fantasy VII features an extremely complex story line, offering many hours of game play (over 60 minutes of impressive cinematic sequences are also included).

Final Fantasy VII's game play involves exploration, puzzle solving, and real-time combat. Players control Cloud during exploration and take on additional party members for battle sequences, which include both fantastic weaponry and dazzling spells. While the graphics are top-notch--and support 3-D hardware accelerators to sharpen the character models--the sound effects won't impress many; Squaresoft made little effort to utilize a personal computer's sophisticated sound card to its potential.

Although deeply rooted in the limitations of the Playstation console (limited menu system, weak music, no voice-overs), Final Fantasy VII's highly addictive, easy-to-learn game play should provide adventure and role-playing fans many hours of enjoyment. --Doug Radcliffe


Epic story line
Well-developed characters
Beautiful graphics and spell effects
Complex magic system


Dialogue can get cheesy
Weak sound
Frustrating interface

installation notes
i have provided a copy of powerISO 4.6 with serial in this torrent for anyone that doesnt have it.. mount the install disc and install like you would anything else, bear in mind that x64 systems will not able able to install the yamaha codex, hence, no movies.. how ever i have tested this on winxp sp3 and win7 x64, the game installs and plays fine on both.

enjoy this epic, endlessly replayable game for years to come!

Size: 1.61 GB 4.6 and Serial.part1.rar.html 4.6 and Serial.part2.rar.html