Microsoft Works SE 9 (Win|2012) | 367.01 MB

Microsoft® Works 9 gives you the basic home productivity tools you need to help make your everyday tasks easier from start to finish.

Get things done at home
-Create letters, resumes and greeting cards using templates, clip art and a built-in dictionary.

Simplify household tasks

-Track your budget, plan home improvements, and keep household records — in one place.
Get started quickly
-Find and launch programs and projects easily with the Works Task Launcher.

Get things done quickly and easily with Microsoft Works 9

Works can help you coordinate everything from little tasks to large projects. You can stay on top of your busy schedule, update your contact list, manage a household budget and keep up with your correspondence. Works gives you the basic tools you need to make your tasks easier from start to finish.

Use the Works Word Processor to easily create letters, resumes, greeting cards and more, with customizable templates, improved proofing tools and a built-in dictionary.
Keep to-do’s organized, plan home improvements, or track your personal budget with the Works Spreadsheet.
Combine up to 32 different calendars into one view to keep track of everyone’s plans with the Works Calendar.
Store addresses, lists, or home inventories in the Works Database.
Share & edit Works Word Processor and Spreadsheet files with Microsoft® Office Word and Microsoft® Office Excel and vice versa.*

Simplify household tasks

It’s easy to manage personal and household tasks with Works. You can quickly get started with the Works Task Launcher to easily access your calendar, contacts, Works programs, templates, and projects from one central place.

Here are some of the ways Works 9 makes your household tasks easier:

-Manage contact information for your friends and family and quickly send an e-mail with just a click in the Works Contacts list.
-Get things done easily with hundreds of pre-designed, customizable templates conveniently organized in categories like Cards and Crafts, Home & Money, and Sports & Fitness.
-Start finding the information you need with helpful quick links to suggested web sites on MSN® and Windows Live™.
-Get help and step-by-step guidance with the Works Quick Tour.
-Organize projects large or small with the help of Works Projects which brings together suggested task lists, templates, internet resources and scheduling tools.

* Microsoft Office versions 97-2007

Microsoft Works SE is sponsored by advertising in order to reduce costs to our customers. While using Works SE you will see advertisents that are periodically updated when you are online and using Works.

This software came bundled with a new laptop and whilst using it I have not seen any adverts as described above (this message comes up whilst installing). This may be due to Kasperskys 'Anti-Banner' feature being enabled on my computer as it blocks adverts in both browsers and applications.

Size: 367.01 MB