Saints Row 2 REAL EUR JB (PS3)
Size: 6.64 GB

Saints Row 2 is an action game in the third person similar to the great success of Rockstar: Grand Theft Auto. In it the protagonist walks through the city of Stilwater - now even more - killing, stealing and committing many types of atrocities and criminal activities.
This time, the goal of the game is no longer save the gang "3rd Street Saints", but to get revenge and redemption against the city that left him to die at the end of the first game. However, the plot is not permeated by the gentle humor found earlier, but by a dark and sinister atmosphere, involving betrayal, death and lots of action.

With regard to gameplay, are found several novelties, such as new vehicles - including motorcycles, boats, planes and helicopters - an expanded character customization, new side missions, and of course, the multiplayer mode that now has a mode cooperative where two players can venture conducting missions in campaign mode, or a world wide open and full of mysteries to date.

Size: 6.64 GB