Live Interior 3D Pro 2.7.2 (Mac) | 361.89 MB

The description is for the Standard-version. The difference between Standard and Pro can be seen here:

Live Interior 3D Standard is a powerful yet very intuitive interior designing application. Whether you are remodeling, improving or building a new home, Live Interior will assist in visualizing your redesigned apartment way before you actually start the work.

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Draw CAD like 2D plans, then surf 3D environment to get the look and feel of the interior. Automatically add one of seven supplied roof styles using the Roof Assistant. Place and arrange furniture, appliances and other objects in both 2D and 3D modes.

Shoot movies, make screenshots and generate 360° panoramic views of the interior. In addition to that the program allows you to export the whole interior project (an apartment or multy-story building) or selected objects into Google SketchUp format. Easily share your projects with others via Google 3D Warehouse.


1200+ Object Library, with brand name content.
Export to RenderMan® Compliant RIB Format
Export to Google SketchUpTM format.
Google 3D WarehouseTM integration.
Import Google SketchUpTM, Ogre XML and 3ds objects.
View and Edit designs in 2D & 3D.
Various measurement units (fractional supported).
Create two-story projects.
View objects in 3D Preview window.
Drag & Drop objects to 2D/3D window.
Render Boost plug-in is an advanced rendering tool allows users to export projects to photorealistic, high resolution images.

Working with 2D Plans:

Create plans in any scale.
Smart guides and object snapping.
Automatic/custom floor and ceiling creation.
Auto/custom dimensioning.
Custom ceiling height.
Option to fill walls/slabs with color or one of 96 patterns in 2D plan.
Export 2D plans to PDF, TIFF, JPEG, PNG.

3D Environment:

Realistic walk through mode.
Adjust Lighting on the fly.
Realistic light and shadows rendering.
3 rendering modes to control lights and shadows.
Set daytime (day, night, etc.)
Real Geo orientation (North, East, South, West).
Collision detection.
Multiple adjustable user cameras.
Make screenshots of interior 3D view in JPEG, TIFF and more.

Editing 3D Objects:

1300+ Materials library, including materials with reflection.
Advanced options to customize doors, windows, columns, furniture.
Wall moulding support (base and crown).

What's New
Version 2.7.2:

Corrected object sorting in 2D when auto-generated 2D representations are enabled;
Fixed auto-generated 2D representations for flat objects;
Predefined cameras are now correctly exported to Collada format;
Fixed the "Reveal in Library" option for materials with reflections;
Fixed the problem with duplicating materials when creating materials with more...

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